Massage relieves stress and reduces pain, which can improve your mood and increase productivity.

Tell Me MoreJob stress costs business billions every year in lowered productivity, absenteeism and medical expenses. Studies show that even a single short-duration massage reduces current anxiety levels, blood pressure and heart rate–all adverse reactions to stress. No wonder more businesses are offering regular massage therapy as part of their employee wellness initiatives.

Liven Up Your Special Event With Massage

Increase traffic at your trade shows, conventions, grand openings, and special events with our relaxing, enjoyable chair massages. Give your visitors something that will set you apart from the other vendors. Chair massage offers your event attendees a little well-deserved pampering after a long day of walking and talking. It’s something they’ll remember and appreciate...about you and your company! 

Bring Wellness to the Workplace
Promote stress reduction and pain relief through frequent, relaxing, short-duration, chair massages. Our well-trained, professional, licensed massage therapists come to your workplace, quickly determine each employee's massage needs and provide an individualized stress-reducing plan of action.